Local Transportation

To help you move around the city, we suggest you use CityMapper*, Google Maps, or the official website of public transportation (ATM).

Please, note that these apps are not in any way related to the conference and they are only suggestions for you to use.
* This link will open an external website


Licensed taxis are white and bear the sign “TAXI” on their roofs.

Taxis can be called with different numbers and apps:

ATTENTION: Any other vehicle waiting at the airport exit could be driven by unauthorized persons and fare could be higher.

Buses and Metro Lines

Milan has 5 metro lines: M1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (yellow), M4 (blue), and M5 (lilac) (see the official ATM map) and several bus routes covering almost all parts of Milan and its suburbs. A single ticket costs euro 2,20 and it is valid 90 minutes after validation. Metro are active from early morning until after midnight.

Single Journey Ticket One-Day Tickets Three-Days Tickets Ten Tickets Carnet
  • Price: 2,20 €
  • Duration: 90 minutes since first validation
  • You can enter and exit more than once in all transports (buses, trams and metro)
  • Price: 7,60 €
  • Duration: 24 hours since first validation
  • You can travel on all the transports you want
  • Price: 15,50 €
  • Duration: three days since first validation, until the end of the transport service on the third day, i.e. at 03:45 in the morning
  • You can travel on all the transports you want
  • Price: 19,50 €
  • Each one of the ten tickets respects the same rules as the Single Journey ones.
  • These tickets cannot be used simultaneously by more than one person.

All these tickets are valid for travel within the Mi3 pink area shown on the map below. So you can also use the S1-S13 suburban trains (see map) for urban journeys.

To find your way around, we suggest to use Citymapper, the only application that brings together all the information for both the ATM and TRENORD suburban train services.

Metro direction

M1  > From Sesto I Maggio to Rho Fiera / From Sesto I Maggio to Bisceglie and vice-versa

M2  > From Abbiategrasso to Gessate / From Abbiategrasso to Cologno Nord and vice-versa

M3  > From Comasina to San Donato and vice-versa

M4  > From Linate to San Babila and vice-versa

M5  > From Bigami to San Siro and vice-versa

Where are these tickets valid?

  • On all ATM lines (buses, trams and metro)
  • On metro M1, M3, M4 e M5, tickets are valid on the whole lines*
  • On metro M2, these tickets are valid from the centre of Milan to the stop Cascina Burrona. After this stop, you will need a different ticket (more information can be found online)*
  • On all Trenord railways*

*this means that these tickets are valid in all the white (Mi1) and pink (Mi3) fare zones of the map.

Where can you buy them?


You can buy tickets by paying directly with contactless devices and cards of the circuits Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, and VPay, on all public transport. The service has no commissions, and no registration is required.

ATM app

With the ATM app, you can buy many types of tickets: single journey tickets, one-day tickets or ten tickets carnet. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or Satispay.

You can download it on Google Play and on App Store.


Send a message to +39 48444 and write “ATM”. You will receive a confirmation message with a Single Journey ticket of 2,20 €. The cost does not include the price of the message, which depends on your phone operator.

Vending mahìchines and ticket offices

You can find vending machines on metro stations, kiosks and authorised retailers.

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